The Engine Room – Pedal to the Metal

Koder is a proud sponsor of The Engine Room! If you own a company in SA please head to the website and register your interest.

The Project

The Engine Room is a South Australian business group that aims to unite a common group of people to further create, inspire, invest and build their companies. Providing networking opportunities, investment via their to-be-launch growth fund and education events coming in 2015, The Engine Room is definitely the business community to be involved with.

Last month The Engine Room approached Koder to assist in the development and hosting of their website. Its primary purpose is to enable South Australian company owners to register their interest in The Engine Room and to enable The Engine Room team to communicate their message to the business community. We have many new features planned for the website coming in 2015.

The Product

We used proven, trusted web technologies to deliver a complete modern, responsive and user-friendly solution. The core of the solution is WordPress, the world leading Content Management System (CMS); its a non-technical user’s dream for managing website content and our preferred CMS for this style of solution.

To satisfy the most pressing requirement of the launch website, company registration, we used a combination of WuFooMailChimp and HighRise to allow The Engine Room team to manage and communicate with their members using best of breed software platforms.


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